About GeekChart.com

What is GeekChart.com?

Geek Charts are a way to show where you share online. We give you a little pie chart to put on your blog that links to your contributions to the web.

Geek Charts show the last 30 days of your activity on the sites you enter usernames for. If you haven't been active on these sites within the last 30 days, your actvity won't show on the chart. Also, some sites only provide very recent usage. Over time we accumulate your usage and your Geek Chart will more accurately reflect your activity.

Your Geek Chart is updated automatically based on your activity. Simply continue to use the social websites we track and your Geek Chart will show your activity.

Who are Geek Charts for?

If you use more than one website like flickr, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, delicious, or have a blog, you probably have a real pretty Geek Chart. What does your Geek Chart look like?

How do I get a Geek Chart?

To make your Geek Chart, simply sign up and enter your usernames for the sites you use. Try it out now!

How does GeekChart.com work?

GeekChart.com uses public RSS and ATOM feeds from popular websites.